9.26 --cpu=name

Enables code generation for the selected ARM® processor


Where name is the name of a processor. Enter name as shown on ARM data sheets, for example, Cortex-M3.
Processor names are not case-sensitive.


The following general points apply to processor options:
  • Selecting the processor selects the appropriate architecture, Floating-Point Unit (FPU), and memory organization.
  • If you specify a processor for the --cpu option, the generated code is optimized for that processor.
  • Some specifications of --cpu imply an --fpu selection.


    Any explicit FPU, set with --fpu on the command line, overrides an implicit FPU.
  • If no --fpu option is specified and no --cpu option is specified, --fpu=softvfp is used.


armlink assumes --cpu=ARM7TDMI if you do not specify a --cpu option.


You cannot specify both a processor and an architecture on the same command-line.
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