9.38 --emit_debug_overlay_section

Resolves debug overlay sections during static linking.


In a relocatable file, a debug section refers to a location in a program section by way of a relocated location. A reference from a debug section to a location in a program section has the following format:
<debug_section_index, debug_section_offset>, <program_section_index, program_section_offset>
During static linking the pair of program values is reduced to single value, the execution address. This is ambiguous in the presence of overlaid sections.
To resolve this ambiguity, use this option to output a .ARM.debug_overlay section of type SHT_ARM_DEBUG_OVERLAY = SHT_LOUSER + 4 containing a table of entries as follows:
debug_section_offset, debug_section_index, program_section_index
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ABI for the ARM Architecture: Support for Debugging Overlaid Programs
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