9.91 --reduce_paths, --no_reduce_paths

Enables or disables the elimination of redundant path name information in file paths.


Effective on Windows systems only. It is supported only on 32-bit host platforms.


Windows systems impose a 260 character limit on file paths. Where path names exist whose absolute names expand to longer than 260 characters, you can use the --reduce_paths option to reduce absolute path name length by matching up directories with corresponding instances of .. and eliminating the directory/.. sequences in pairs.


It is recommended that you avoid using long and deeply nested file paths, in preference to minimizing path lengths using the --reduce_paths option.


The default is --no_reduce_paths.


A file to be linked might be at the location:
Your current working directory might be at the location:
The combination of these paths results in the path:
By using the option --reduce_paths the path becomes:
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