9.103 --section_index_display=type

Changes the display of the index column when printing memory map output.


Where type is one of the following:
Alters the display of the map file to show the order that a section appears on the command-line. The command-line order is defined as File.Object.Section where:
  • Section is the section index, sh_idx, of the Section in the Object.
  • Object is the order that Object appears in the File.
  • File is the order the File appears on the command line.
The order the Object appears in the File is only significant if the file is an ar archive.
The index value represents the order in which the linker creates the section.
The index value represents the section index of the section in the original input file. This is useful when you want to find the exact section in an input object.


Use this option with --map.


The default is --section_index_display=internal.
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