7.11 Syntax of numeric local labels

When referring to numeric local labels you can specify how armasm searches for the label.


n[routname] ; a numeric local label
%[F|B][A|T]n[routname] ; a reference to a numeric local label
is the number of the numeric local label in the range 0-99.
is the name of the current scope.
introduces the reference.
instructs armasm to search forwards only.
instructs armasm to search backwards only.
instructs armasm to search all macro levels.
instructs armasm to look at this macro level only.


If neither F nor B is specified, armasm searches backwards first, then forwards.
If neither A nor T is specified, armasm searches all macros from the current level to the top level, but does not search lower level macros.
If routname is specified in either a label or a reference to a label, armasm checks it against the name of the nearest preceding ROUT directive. If it does not match, armasm generates an error message and the assembly fails.
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