10.7 Saturating instructions

Some ARM and Thumb instructions perform saturating arithmetic.

The saturating instructions are:
  • QADD.
  • QDADD.
  • QDSUB.
  • QSUB.
  • SSAT.
  • USAT.
Some of the parallel instructions are also saturating.

Saturating arithmetic

Saturation means that, for some value of 2n that depends on the instruction:
  • For a signed saturating operation, if the full result would be less than -2n, the result returned is -2n.
  • For an unsigned saturating operation, if the full result would be negative, the result returned is zero.
  • If the full result would be greater than 2n-1, the result returned is 2n-1.
When any of these occurs, it is called saturation. Some instructions set the Q flag when saturation occurs.


Saturating instructions do not clear the Q flag when saturation does not occur. To clear the Q flag, use an MSR instruction.
The Q flag can also be set by two other instructions, but these instructions do not saturate.
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