10.20 BKPT



BKPT #imm
is an expression evaluating to an integer in the range:
  • 0-65535 (a 16-bit value) in an ARM instruction.
  • 0-255 (an 8-bit value) in a 16-bit Thumb instruction.


The BKPT instruction causes the processor to enter Debug state. Debug tools can use this to investigate system state when the instruction at a particular address is reached.
In both ARM state and Thumb state, imm is ignored by the ARM hardware. However, a debugger can use it to store additional information about the breakpoint.
BKPT is an unconditional instruction. It must not have a condition code in ARM code. In Thumb code, the BKPT instruction does not require a condition code suffix because BKPT always executes irrespective of its condition code suffix.


This ARM instruction is available in ARMv5T and above.
This 16-bit Thumb instruction is available in ARMv5T and above.
There is no 32-bit version of this instruction in Thumb.
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