10.26 CDP and CDP2

Coprocessor data operations.


CDP{cond} coproc, #opcode1, CRd, CRn, CRm{, #opcode2}
CDP2{cond} coproc, #opcode1, CRd, CRn, CRm{, #opcode2}
is an optional condition code. In ARM code, cond is not permitted for CDP2.
is the name of the coprocessor the instruction is for. The standard name is pn, where n is an integer in the range 0 to 15.
is a 4-bit coprocessor-specific opcode.
is an optional 3-bit coprocessor-specific opcode.
CRd, CRn, CRm
are coprocessor registers.


The use of these instructions depends on the coprocessor. See the coprocessor documentation for details.


The CDP ARM instruction is available in all versions of the ARM architecture.
The CDP2 ARM instruction is available in ARMv5T and above.
These 32-bit Thumb instructions are available in ARMv6T2 and above.
There are no 16-bit versions of these instructions in Thumb.
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