10.61 MRS (system coprocessor register to ARM register)

Move to ARM register from system coprocessor register.


MRS{cond} Rn, coproc_register
MRS{cond} APSR_nzcv, special_register
is an optional condition code.
is the name of the coprocessor register.
is the name of the coprocessor register that can be written to APSR_nzcv. This is only possible for the coprocessor register DBGDSCRint.
is the ARM destination register. Rn must not be PC.


You can use this pseudo-instruction to read CP14 or CP15 coprocessor registers, with the exception of write-only registers. A complete list of the applicable coprocessor register names is in the ARMv7-AR Architecture Reference Manual. For example:
    MRS R1, SCTLR ; writes the contents of the CP15 coprocessor
                  ; register SCTLR into R1


This pseudo-instruction is available in ARMv7-R in ARM and 32-bit Thumb code.
There is no 16-bit version of this pseudo-instruction in Thumb.
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