12.50 LCLA, LCLL, and LCLS

The LCLA, LCLL, and LCLS directives declare and initialize local variables.


lclx variable
is one of LCLA, LCLL, or LCLS.
is the name of the variable. variable must be unique within the macro that contains it.


The LCLA directive declares a local arithmetic variable, and initializes its value to 0.
The LCLL directive declares a local logical variable, and initializes its value to {FALSE}.
The LCLS directive declares a local string variable, and initializes its value to a null string, "".
Using one of these directives for a variable that is already defined re-initializes the variable.
The scope of the variable is limited to a particular instantiation of the macro that contains it.
Set the value of the variable with a SETA, SETL, or SETS directive.


        MACRO                           ; Declare a macro
$label  message $a                      ; Macro prototype line
        LCLS    err                     ; Declare local string
                                        ; variable err.
err     SETS    "error no: "            ; Set value of err
$label  ; code
        INFO    0, "err":CC::STR:$a     ; Use string
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