11.32 VSTR (floating-point)

Extension register store.


VSTR{cond}{.size} Fd, [Rn{, #offset}]
is an optional condition code.
is an optional data size specifier. Must be 32 if Fd is an S register, or 64 otherwise.
is the extension register to be saved. It can be either a D or S register.
is the ARM register holding the base address for the transfer.
is an optional numeric expression. It must evaluate to a numeric value at assembly time. The value must be a multiple of 4, and lie in the range –1020 to +1020. The value is added to the base address to form the address used for the transfer.


The VSTR instruction saves the contents of an extension register to memory.
One word is transferred if Fd is an S register. Two words are transferred otherwise.
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