2.5. Connecting expansion memory

To install a static memory PISMO expansion board:

  1. Ensure that the baseboard is powered down.

  2. Align the memory expansion board with the connectors on the baseboard as shown in Figure 2.6.

  3. Press the module into the connector.

See Appendix E PISMO Memory Expansion Boards for more details on memory expansion boards.

Figure 2.6. Adding PISMO memory

Adding PISMO memory


If the configuration switches are set to boot from the PISMO memory and more than one PISMO board is fitted, the memory width is determined by the bottom-most PISMO board.

The PISMO connectors on the Core Tile are not used in the standard FPGA images. The Core Tile PISMO connectors can, however, be used if a custom image is made for the baseboard FPGA.

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