3.12. GPIO interface

The General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) signals GP0_[7:0] and GP1_[7:0] from the FPGA are connected to the GPIO connector as shown in Figure 3.30.

The GPIO signals are also connected to the tile sites. This enables you to use the GPIO signals with custom logic you implement in the tile. The signals can also be used to generate interrupts. The GPIO is limited to medium-speed signals (less than 5MHz).

See also General Purpose Input/Output, GPIO and the ARM PrimeCell GPIO (PL061) Technical Reference Manual. See GPIO interface for connector pinout information.

Figure 3.30. GPIO block diagram

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GPIO2 is dedicated onboard I/O for the USB, USER push button and the MCI interrupts for card present and write protect. See Multimedia Card Interface, MCI and USB interface.

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