C.1. About the CLCD display and adaptor board

The CLCD interface board provides multiple sockets for different types of CLCD displays and touchscreens. It connects to the baseboard by a single cable.

Figure C.1. CLCD adaptor board connectors (bottom view)

CLCD adaptor board connectors (bottom view)

The design of the interface board enables you to use to choose the CLCD display that is appropriate for your application. The CLCD displays and touchscreens currently available for the baseboard are:


Epson 2.2 inch 176x220 pixel color TFT with LED backlight.


Sanyo 3.8 inch QVGA color TFT with touchscreen and fluorescent backlight


Sharp 8.4 inch VGA color TFT with touchscreen and fluorescent backlight

Six push button switches are mounted on the interface board below the 2.2 or 3.8 inch display. The state of the switches can be read from the touchscreen controller interface.

The touchscreen interface on the CLCD interface board is described in Touchscreen controller interface. The selftest program supplied on the CD reads the position of a pen on the touchscreen and displays it on the CLCD or VGA display connected to the board.

The 2.2 and 3.8 inch CLCD displays and the adaptor board are mounted in a small enclosure as shown in Figure C.2.

Figure C.2. Small CLCD enclosure

Small CLCD enclosure

The 8.4 inch display is mounted into a large enclosure that has two connectors: one for a keypad and one for the baseboard. (See Figure C.3.)

Figure C.3. Large CLCD enclosure

Large CLCD enclosure

The 2.2 and 3.8 inch CLCD displays are mounted on the top side of the adaptor board as shown in Figure C.4.

Figure C.4. Displays mounted directly onto top of adaptor board.

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