4.3.16. Miscellaneous flags, SYS_MISC

The SYS_MISC register at 0x10000060 returns the values of miscellaneous flags related to communication. See Table 4.18.

Figure 4.10. SYS_MISC register

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Table 4.18. SYS_MISC register


Reserved. Use read-modify-write to preserve value.


Reserved. Use read-modify-write to preserve value.



T2_CLKSEL. Controls clock selection for CT11MPCore tiles on tile site 2.

1 Selects OSCLK2 as clock source

0 Selects HCLK as clock source (default).

[13]Read-onlyTile detect 2
[12]Read-onlyTile detect 1


Serial interface data or command select (LCDDATnCOM)

1 Data

0 Command

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