1.2.2. Baseboard FPGA

The Xilinx XC2V6000 FPGA provides system control and configuration functions for the baseboard that enable it (together with a Core Tile) to operate as a development system.

The FPGA also implements additional peripherals and controllers, for example the audio CODEC, MultiMedia Card interface, interrupt controllers, Watchdog, and PCI interfaces. Additional peripherals can be added to the baseboard FPGA or to the FPGAs in expansion Logic Tiles. See FPGA.


The peripherals and controllers implemented in the baseboard FPGA are in the standard images distributed as application notes by ARM Ltd.

You can replace some or all of the logic in the FPGA with your own designs, however, the details of how to do this are beyond the scope of this user guide. The CD includes FPGA HDL and signal definition files that can be used as a basis for custom designs. If the FPGA is modified to include custom designs, the Xilinx PCI IP block is removed from the design.

The image loaded into the FPGA must match the system configuration. See Loading FPGA and PLD images. The application notes present on the CD and available for download from the ARM web site provide the files for specific combinations of boards.

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