4.2.1. Remapping of boot memory

On reset, the processor in the Core Tile begins executing code at address 0x0. This address is normally volatile DRAM. Remapping enables non-volatile static memory to be decoded for accesses to low memory. Remapping of non-volatile memory to the boot region at 0x00000000-0x03FFFFFF is done by the boot select switches, if the REMAP signal inside the FPGA is HIGH, as listed in Table 4.3.

Table 4.3. Boot memory

Switch S8[4:1]Chip selectMemory Range Comment
0000nNOR_CS1 (nSTATICCS0)0x40000000- 0x43FFFFFFNOR flash remapped to 0x0.
0001Reserved (nSTATICCS1)0x44000000- 0x47FFFFFFReserved.
0010nSRAM_CS (nSTATICCS2)0x48000000- 0x4BFFFFFFSRAM remapped to 0x0. The SRAM contents are volatile and are not valid after a power cycle. The contents are valid, however, after the reset switch is pressed.
0011Reserved (nSTATICCS3)0x4C000000- 0x4FFFFFFFReserved.
0100nSTATICCS40x50000000- 0x53FFFFFFPISMO CS1 remapped to 0x0.
0101nSTATICCS50x54000000- 0x57FFFFFFPISMO CS2 remapped to 0x0.
0110nSTATICCS60x58000000- 0x5BFFFFFFPISMO CS3 remapped to 0x0.
0111nSTATICCS70x5C000000- 0x5FFFFFFFPISMO CS0 remapped to 0x0 (this signal is output from the FPGA as nEXP_CS).
1xxxExternal master0x00000000- 0x0FFFFFFF

All accesses are placed on the AXI or AHB master bus. These go to a slave fitted on tile site 2.

Removing boot remapping and enabling DRAM at 0x0

The processor in the Core Tile begins executing at 0x0 after a reset. But because memory mapping is active at reset, the remapping logic causes boot instructions to be fetched from non-volatile static memory. The System Controller SYSCTRL register controls memory remapping. See System Controller.


Refer to the code examples supplied on the CD for an example of boot source code.

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