4.12. Interrupt controllers

The Generic Interrupt Controller (GIC) is an AMBA compliant SoC peripheral that is provided by ARM Limited.

ARM processors have two interrupt signals:

Because there are two tile sites that can have a processor fitted, there are four Generic Interrupt Controllers. The GICs accept interrupts from peripherals in the FPGA, external peripherals, or tiles and generates the FIQ and IRQ signals to the tile sites.

Table 4.46. Generic Interrupt Controller implementation

Location FPGA
Memory base address

0x10040000 GIC1 for tile site 1 IRQ

0x10050000 GIC2 for tile site 1 FIQ

0x10060000 GIC3 for tile site 2 IRQ

0x10070000 GIC4 for tile site 2 FIQ

Interrupt FIQ and IRQ signals are output to tile sites
Release versionCustom peripheral
Reference documentationInterrupt controller registers, and Interrupts.

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