4.22. Timers

The SP804 Dual-Timer module is an AMBA compliant SoC peripheral that is developed, tested, and licensed by ARM Limited.

Table 4.74. Timer implementation

Location FPGA
Memory base address

0x10011000 for Timer 0

0x10011020 for Timer 1

0x10012000 for Timer 2

0x10012020 for Timer 3.


4 for Timers 0 and 1

5 for Timers 2 and 3.

Release versionARM Dual-Timer SP804 r1p0-02ltd0
Reference documentationARM PrimeCell Timer Module (SP804) Technical Reference Manual

The features of the Dual-Timer module are:

At reset, the timers are clocked by a 32.768kHz reference from an external oscillator module. Use the system controller to change the timer reference from 32.768kHz to 1MHz.

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