4.13. Keyboard and Mouse Interface, KMI

The PL050 PrimeCell PS2 Keyboard/Mouse Interface (KMI) is an AMBA compliant SoC peripheral that is developed, tested, and licensed by ARM Limited. Two KMIs are present on the baseboard:


is used for keyboard input


is used for mouse input.

Table 4.50. KMI implementation

Location FPGA
Memory base address

0x10006000 KMI 0 (keyboard)

0x10007000 KMI 1 (mouse)


20 KMI 0

21 KMI 1

Release versionARM KMI PL050 r1p0
Reference documentationARM PrimeCell Keyboard Mouse Controller (PL050) Technical Reference Manual (see also Keyboard/Mouse Interface, KMI)

The keyboard and the mouse signals go to both J22 and J23. Use a splitter cable to use only one of the connectors to connect both devices.

The normal I/O pins for J22 are used for the mouse and the normally unused pins are used for the keyboard. A mouse can be plugged directly into J22.

J23 uses the normal I/O pins for the keyboard and the normally unused pins for the mouse. A keyboard can be plugged directly into J23.

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