2.6. Connecting JTAG debugging equipment

You can use JTAG debugging equipment and the JTAG connector to:

The setup for using a JTAG interface with the baseboard is shown in Figure 2.8.


The USB debug port is used to load FPGA and PLD images and cannot be used to debug applications. For more details, see JTAG and USB debug port support.

To use the JTAG interface for debugging, the CONFIG slide switch must be in the OFF position as shown in Figure 2.7.


Some early versions of the Emulator Baseboard have a jumper instead of a switch. Placing the jumper across the connectors is equivalent to the switch being in the ON position.

Figure 2.7. CONFIG slide switch

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Figure 2.8. JTAG connection for debugger

JTAG connection for debugger

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