A.5. Keyboard and mouse interface

The pinout of the KMI connectors J23 and J24 is shown in Figure A.5.

Figure A.5. KMI connector J22 and J23

KMI connector J22 and J23

Table A.4 lists the signals on the KMI connectors.

Table A.4. Mouse and keyboard port signal descriptions

PinKeyboard (KMI0, J23)Mouse (KMI1, J22)
Signal FunctionSignalFunction
1KDATAKeyboard dataMDATAMouse Data
2MDATAMouse DataKDATAKeyboard data
5KCLKKeyboard clockMCLKMouse clock
6MCLKMouse clockKCLKKeyboard clock


The keyboard and the mouse signals go to both J22 and J23. Use a splitter cable to use only one of the connectors to connect both devices.

The normal data and clock pins (1 and 5) for J22 are used for the mouse and the normally unused pins (2 and 6) are used for the keyboard. A mouse can be plugged directly into J22.

J23 uses the normal I/O pins for the keyboard and the normally unused pins for the mouse. A keyboard can be plugged directly into J23.

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