A.1. Audio CODEC interface

The baseboard provides three jack connectors that enable you to connect to the microphone and auxiliary inputs, and line level output on the CODEC. Figure A.1 shows the pinouts of the sockets. Table A.1 lists the signals.

Figure A.1. Audio connectors

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Table A.1. Audio connectors

ConnectorPin numberSignal
J1 bottom, line inSleeveAnalog ground
TipLine in (left channel)
RingLine in (right channel)
J1 top, line outSleeveAnalog ground
TipLine output (left channel)
RingLine output (right channel)
J2, microphone[a]SleeveAnalog ground
TipMicrophone input 1
RingMicrophone input 2

[a] A link on the board enables bias voltage to be applied to the microphone, see Advanced Audio CODEC Interface, AACI.

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