C.2.1. Configuration

The CLCD adaptor board contains factory-installed links that identify the type of display. The display matching the identification links settings are listed in Table C.1. The value of the bits CLCDID[4:0] in the SYS_CLCD register can be read from software to determine the display in use with the board.

Table C.1. Displays available with adaptor board

LCD_ID[4:0]ManufacturerBacklight inverterTouchscreenDisplay
b00000Sanyo TM38QV67A02ATDK CXA-0341Part of display3.8 inch QVGA Color TFT
b00001Sharp LQ084V1DG21TDK CXA-L0612VJLDynaPro/3M 956438.4 inch VGA color TFT
b00010Epson L2F50113T00LED backlight None2.2 inch 176x220 Color TFT
b01111No display fitted---

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