2.10.5. Using a boot script to run an image automatically

Use a boot script to run an image automatically after power-on:

  1. Create a boot script from the Boot Monitor by:

    • Enter the flash subsystem and typing:

      > CREATE myscript.txt ; put any startup code here FLASH RUN file_name
  2. Press Ctrl-Z to indicate the end of the boot script and return to the Boot Monitor prompt.

  3. Verify the file was entered correctly by typing:

    >TYPE myscript.txt

    The contents of the file is displayed to the currently selected output device.

  4. Specify the boot script to use at reset from the Boot Monitor by typing:

    >SET BOOTSCRIPT myscript.txt
  5. Set S6-1 ON to instruct the Boot Monitor to run the boot script at power on.

  6. Reset the platform. The Boot Monitor runs and executes the boot script myscript.txt. In this case, it relocates the image file_name and executes it.

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