4.3.22. Oscillator reset registers, SYS_OSCRESETx

The oscillator reset registers, SYS_OSCRESET0 to SYS_OSCRESET4, at 0x1000008C-0x1000009C are read/write registers that control the frequency of the clocks generated by clock generators OSC0, OSC1, OSC2, OSC3, and OSC4 when a manual reset is generated.

Figure 4.15 shows the bit assignment of the registers.

Figure 4.15. Oscillator Register, SYS_OSCRESETx

Oscillator Register, SYS_OSCRESETx


Before writing to a SYS_OSCRESETx register, unlock it by writing the value 0x0000A05F to the SYS_LOCK register (see Lock Register, SYS_LOCK). After writing the SYS_OSCRESETx register, relock it by writing any value other than 0x0000A05F to the SYS_LOCK register.

For more detail on bit values, see ICS307 programmable clock generators and Oscillator registers, SYS_OSCx.


At power-on reset (nSYSPOR), the SYS_OSCRESETx are loaded with the same default values used for SYS_OSCx.

The values of the SYS_OSCRESETx values can be changed after powering on. Pushing the reset push button loads the values of the SYS_OSCRESETx registers into the SYS_OSCx registers and loads the programmable oscillators with the new values.

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