2.2. Opening the ARM Workbench

To begin the tutorial and get started using the ARM Profiler, open the ARM Workbench by selecting:

Start → All Programs → ARM → ARM Workbench IDE v4.0

The ARM Workbench prompts you to either select an existing workspace directory or create a new one. Create a workspace if you have not done so already. For more information on workspaces, see the ARM Workbench IDE User Guide.

If this is the first time you have used this workspace directory, the ARM Workbench welcome window appears. This is pictured in Figure 2.1.

Figure 2.1. Welcome window

Welcome window

Click on the curved arrow to exit the welcome window and open the ARM Workbench.

Figure 2.2. The ARM Workbench

The ARM Workbench

Your workbench might vary from the one shown in Figure 2.2 if you have already worked in the ARM Workbench and modified the layout.

The workbench is a highly versatile window that contains a set of Views. All of these Views can be re-sized, moved, or removed from the workbench. Make sure the Project Explorer view is open before continuing the tutorial. By default, the Project Explorer view is the long area on the left side of the workbench.

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