8.4. The mini-map

In the bottom left hand corner of the call graph is a mini-map that can be used to easily navigate around the call graph when the hierarchies are too large to fit in the editor section of .

Figure 8.5. The Call Graph Mini-map

The Call Graph Mini-map

When inside the mini-map, but outside the draggable view area, the cursor changes into crosshair. Click on a location in the mini-map to center on that section. If you hover over the draggable area box within the mini-map, the cursor changes into a hand that allows you to click and drag the view area. Panning the view area in this way enables you to quickly scan sections of the hierarchy without using the scroll bars.

The objects in the mini-map have the same color coding as the functions in the call graph itself. The bright red function in the hierarchy appears as bright red in the mini-map so that you can use the mini-map to quickly zoom to a bottleneck. Selected functions appear dark blue in the mini-map.

You can hide the mini-map by using the button, located just to the left of the drop-down menu in the toolbar.

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