9.2. Function box statistics

The statistics listed in each of the function boxes are a subset of the statistical fields provided in the table reports, and, when the call summary is first opened the numbers in the primary function box match up to the data presented in the functions report. One of the benefits of the call summary is that the numbers are updated based on the current filters. You can see a function's numbers as they relate to specific instances.

The ARM Profiler also color-codes the title bar of the calling and called function boxes based on the self time value reported in the function box. The given color-coding is identical to the colors used in the summary report, with red representing the highest self time value. Each of the color coded boxes are also marked with stars to help differentiate between the colors. Five stars are listed below the title in the function box with the highest self time value and one star is listed in the yellow function box with the fifth highest.

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