9.2.2. Instances: the x of y (z total) notation

The instance notation, listed in the bottom right of every function, gives you the complete instances picture for the function. It tells you how many total instances of the function exist in the entire call chain as well as how many instances are currently filtered out. The number listed in the primary function is different than the notation in the calling and called functions. The ARM Profiler provides a closer look at the xvid_decore primary function:

Figure 9.2.  The xvid_decore Primary Function

The xvid_decore Primary Function

In the primary function, only two numbers are listed. In the case of fputc, the notation provided is '1 links (2 total)'. This shows:

Now have a look at the calling function, dec_init:

Figure 9.3. The dec_init Calling Function

The dec_init Calling Function

The notation in the bottom corner says '1 of 1 parent links (1 total)', providing an additional number. The notation in the calling and called functions tells us:

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