7.3.2. Adjusting views

By default, the source view and the disassembly view each take up half the space of the ARM Workbench editor, but you can adjust this proportion by clicking and dragging the line that divides the two views.

Located in the menu bar of the code view, the button enables you to see either the source view or the disassembly view exclusively. By default, this is set to Source & Disassembly, but you can press the button to cycle to the Source Only or Disassembly Only to see one of the views exclusively. Use the small arrow to the right of the button to open a drop-down menu to select any of these option directly. If program trace data is enabled for the analysis file, the list of available window configurations expand:

The additional options will only appear if trace view is available. For more information on the program trace view, see The program trace view.

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