7.4.1. Locating source files

If you have not moved your source files used in the creation of the current analysis file, the ARM Profiler automatically locates and displays the source code in the source view. If, however, the source files are not located in the same directory location they were in during compilation, the source code view is not populated. A source code view missing the location of its source file is shown in Figure 7.4:

Figure 7.4. An Empty Source View

An Empty Source View

To populate the source view, you must locate the exact version of the source file used to create the analysis report. Clicking the link in the source view opens a file navigation dialog like the one shown in Figure 7.5:

Figure 7.5. The Locate Source Dialog

The Locate Source Dialog

The locate source dialog is a standard file navigation window, and varies depending on your operating system. Locate the source file, select it and press the Open button. When you return to the code view, the source section has now populated the source code and profiling data columns with data.

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