7.6.6. Trace stack view

The trace stack view lists the call chain hierarchy for the current trace location. The current function is listed first followed by the function that called it, and so on up the hierarchy to the originating function. Each function's stack depth value is listed in a column to the right of it's name.

To open the trace stack view, follow these instructions:

  1. Select Window → Show View → Other

  2. Show the ARM Profiler views using the disclosure control.

  3. Select Trace Stack and press the OK button.

Figure 7.11. The trace stack view

The trace stack view


The trace stack view is related to the current trace position, not the current selection in the various report types. Selecting an item in any of the report types has no affect on the trace stack view. Move the trace location using the replay menu commands or keyboard shortcuts to update the trace stack window.

To open the call chains report with the chosen call chain link selected, double-click on a function in the trace stack view.

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