4.3. Creating a profiling-enabled RTSM run configuration

You must build an image file using the ARM compiler before you can start profiling your code. To initiate a profiling-enabled run on one of the supplied RTSMs, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on an image file in the project explorer view in the ARM Workbench

  2. Choose a pre-configured run command from one of the available RTSMs, as shown in Figure 4.1:

Figure 4.1. Choosing a Pre-configured Run Configuration

Choosing a Pre-configured Run Configuration

If you want to define your own build configuration within the ARM Workbench, you must create a new run configuration:

  1. Select an axf file in the Project Explorer. This will pre-populate the launch configuration panel with data specific to that axf file when it is launched in the following step.

  2. Select Run As → Open Run Dialog... from the menu to open the ARM Workbench run configuration and management window.

  3. Click on the ARM Real-Time System Model in the explorer pane on the left and then click the new launch configuration button in the toolbar. After the successful creation of an ARM RTSM run configuration, the ARM Workbench run window looks like the one shown in Figure 4.2:

    Figure 4.2. A New ARM RTSM Run Configuration

    A New ARM RTSM Run Configuration
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