3.4.3. Setting the image file

Enter the directory location of an ARM executable file into the Image field or use the Browse... button to manually search your directories for an image file to run on the target. To add multiple images, click on the plus sign below the Image field and enter another image file. This can be repeated to define a list of image files.

Use this method to profile applications running on the Symbian OS. Enter the Symbian executable along with another application to run on Symbian. For more information on profiling applications on the Symbian OS, see Profiling your Symbian OS application.


The ARM Profiler analyzes your code regardless of the level of optimization you use when you compile. At the highest level of optimization, however, the in-lining of functions may make it difficult to decipher your source code in the analysis reports.

Be aware of the following limitations when selecting an image file to profile:

The image options drop-down menu

The image options drop-down menu enables you to choose between the following two image options:

  • Load Image- Choose this option and the ARM Profiler loads the complete image on the target. At this time, only one image may be specified with this option when running on models.

  • Symbols Only- Choose this option and the ARM Profiler only loads symbols from the binary image for use in profiling and does not transfer the image to the target. This option is useful for profiling an application already running on the target.

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