1.5. Getting help

The ARM Profiler provides documentation and examples for you to familiarize yourself with the profiler.

To access the documentation in HTML format:

  1. Select Help → Help Contents from the main menu.

  2. From the Contents frame, select ARM Profiler.

To access the dynamic help you must:

  1. Open the report type that interests you.

  2. Click on the question mark icon or press F1 on your keyboard.


    On Red Hat Linux, press Shift + F1 to get help.

This opens the help view with a list of topics that relate to the currently open report type or run configuration panel. Clicking on any of these links opens the corresponding help topic within the help view, enabling you to browse help topics without leaving the ARM Workbench.

To access the examples, select All Programs  → ARM → ARM Profiler v2.0 → Examples from the Windows Start menu.

On Red Hat Linux, select Applications  → ARM → ARM Profiler v2.0 → Examples.

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