5.1. Analysis summary overview

The analysis data provided by the ARM Profiler allows you to quickly uncover the performance bottlenecks.

The analysis summary is the first report you see when you open an analysis file. From here, you can navigate to all of the other report types using the navigation section in the top left hand corner of the report. It also gives a top-level overview of your profiling results. The top five self time consuming functions are shown as a bar chart, and your code coverage percentages are shown for functions and instructions as pie charts. For a detailed description of the Self Time statistic, see Table report column headers.

The Call Chains by Stack Depth chart gives you an overview of stack depth distribution. In addition to the navigation section, the bar charts and pie charts can also be used to navigate to more detailed reports. If you want to see more information on a critical function, you can click on that function in the bar chart labeled Top 5 Functions by Self Time to open the code view report for that function.

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