5.3.4. The call chains by stack depth chart

The stack depth histogram provides a summary of the call chains' stack usage during the captured execution. The vertical baseline measures the maximum stack depth usage during the execution while the red horizontal lines signify the number of call chains that had a stack depth value that fell in each range. If only a few call chains have a high stack depth value, the red bars at the top of the chart are very small or non-existent. In this case, reducing overall application stack usage should not be difficult, as there are only a few call chains to optimize. If the call chain by stack depth chart shows a lot of long horizontal bars at the top of the chart, reducing overall application stack usage is more difficult.

Figure 5.4. The stack depth histogram

The stack depth histogram

Double-clicking on a bar in the Call Chains by Stack Depth chart opens the call chains report with each of the represented call chains' leaf nodes selected. If, for example, you double click on a red bar that represents the five call chains with the highest stack depth value, the call chains report opens with the lowest functions in the hierarchy of these call chains selected. Double-clicking on a non-bar area, such as where the bytes at peak info is listed, will open the functions report and sort it by the Order column.

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