5.3.3. The code coverage pie charts

The code coverage pie charts are located in the bottom left of the analysis summary and give you a top-level look at the percentage of functions and instructions actually executed during the captured execution.

Figure 5.3. Sample code coverage pie charts

Sample code coverage pie charts

The code coverage by instruction pie chart shows graphically the percentage of executed assembly instructions. Green represents the percentage of completely executed instructions, red represents unexecuted instructions, and yellow represents partially executed instructions. For example, if the application follows only one path of a conditional instruction, the instruction is marked as having partial code coverage.

The second pie chart is similar to the code coverage by instruction chart, but shows code coverage by function. Here, the yellow partial coverage slice is likely to be larger as functions where even one instruction is not fully executed are labeled as having partial coverage.

Double-clicking on one of the pie chart slices opens the functions report with each function of that code coverage type highlighted. If accessed in this manner, the functions report automatically sorts by code coverage. For example, double-clicking on either of the red slices opens the functions report with all of the unexecuted functions selected and centered in view.

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