6.1.8. The outline view

In the default layout of the ARM Profiler perspective, the outline view appears on the far right side of the ARM Workbench window. The outline view can be opened and closed independently via the Window → Show View menu option. A sample outline view is shown in Figure 6.5.

Figure 6.5. The outline view

The outline view

When any report besides the summary report is active, the outline view contains an alphabetical list of every function, class or file, depending on the active report type.

You can use the outline view to easily find a specific function without changing the sort options you currently have set in the data table. For example, if you want to know where a particular function is in relation to call count, but do not want to re-sort by name in the report, use the alphabetically sorted outline view to find the function you are looking for. Clicking on a function in the outline view brings the function to view in the report and highlights it.

The outline view in the call chains report lists every function in alphabetical order, but here the single function icon from the functions report has been replaced by the multiple function icon. Clicking on any function in the outline view while the call chain is active in the ARM Workbench editor selects every call chain link of the selected function and expands the necessary functions to show them. The number in parentheses next to the function name indicates the number of call chain links where the function is present.

Just like in the table reports themselves, you can right-click on any item in the outline view and navigate to other report types using the available contextual menu options:

For more information on how to use these contextual menu options to navigate to other report types, see Contextual menus.

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