8.3.2. Caller and callee bullets

In cases where the calling function is in the same column or in a column just to the left or right of the called function, a call arrow is drawn from the caller to the callee. If, however, the called function appears in a column more than one column to the left of the calling function, a bullet is added to the left of the calling function and to the right of the called function. The number contained in the bullet represents how many calling or called functions are being shown this way.

Figure 8.4. Caller Bullets

Caller Bullets

Right-click on a caller or callee bullet to see all of the functions contained in it. Choose a function in the contextual menu to select and center that function in the call graph. In this way, all of the calling and called functions are still easily accessible, but call arrows are not used to cross many layers of the hierarchy.

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