9.1. Call summary breakdown

This section guides you through the call summary and explains each of the statistics found in the function box. The ARM Profiler shows you a call summary window taken from the xvid sample that you can find by selecting All Programs → ARM → ARM Profiler v2.1 → Examples. This sample call summary is shown in Figure 9.1:

Figure 9.1.  The Call Summary

The Call Summary

The box in the center, xvid_decore is referred to as the primary function. The system functions on the left, dec_init and dec_main, are the calling functions while the functions on the right, decoder_create and decoder_decode, are the called functions.

Like the call graph, the arrows indicate the direction of the call, but unlike the call graph, calling functions are always on the left and called functions are always on the right. Everything in the call summary is shown as it relates to the primary function, including the statistics shown in the function boxes. Clicking on the navigation icon in the upper right of any of the calling or called functions makes that function the new primary function, and reveals all of its calling and called functions.

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