7.6.3. Replay view menu options

In addition to the replay view itself, the addition of trace collection adds a number of new menu options to help you navigate to the data that interests you. These options appear atop the replay view and the code view, if you enabled the Collect Instruction Trace Replay checkbox.

Figure 7.9. Trace-specific menu options

Trace-specific menu options

The trace replay menubar options like Run, Run Backward, Stop, and the step options work like common debugger options in that they allow you to run your code to user-defined breakpoints and step through instructions in a variety of ways. The ARM Profiler is not a debugger, however, and the Run Forward and Run Backward options do not trigger any actual execution of code. They enable you to cycle through recorded trace data to get to areas of interest. This guide refers to these debugger-like tools as trace replay options.

The menubar includes the following trace specific menu options:

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