7.6. The replay view

The replay view is only available if you activated the Collect Instruction Trace Replay checkbox for the captured analysis file. For more information on how to do this, see Enabling instruction trace replay.

If you turn trace data collection on, the ARM Profiler produces a second file in addition to the normal .apd file. The trace replay view is pictured in Figure 7.7.

Figure 7.7. The replay view below the code view

The replay view below the code view

Enabling trace replay collection adds the replay view, which appears, by default, in the bottom section of the workbench. In addition to adding the replay view, there are important differences in the code view when trace replay collection has been turned on. Trace-specific navigation and trace replay options enable you to:

The yellow trace marker, also a feature specific to trace-enabled analysis reports, marks the current trace position in all three views.

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