4.7. Running the configuration

When all of the parameters are defined, click the Run button located in the bottom right corner of the run configuration dialog to execute the configuration. When the execution is finished, the newly-generated analysis file automatically opens in the editor section of the ARM Workbench.


  • Running your code on an RTSM with profiling enabled slows the simulation speed on the host machine because the host machine will need to divide its resources in order to simultaneously simulate and profile your code. While it does not slow things down prohibitively, it is not quite as fast as an unprofiled execution.

  • Analysis file size is more dependent on the size of the code being tested than on execution length. Execution time should not have a profound impact on the size of the analysis file, unless trace replay is enabled. If you turn on the Collect Instruction Trace Replay option, the ARM Profiler logs every instruction’s order of execution and timing values. This can consume a lot of disk space.

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