3.5.6. Enabling instruction trace replay

Use the Collect Instruction Trace Replay checkbox to enable or disable program trace collection at runtime. When turned on, the ARM profiler stores every instruction called and presents it in the Replay View. You can then step forward and backward through the history of instruction calls in the Trace View, very much like a debugger. Enabling program trace adds the Replay view to the list of available ARM Profiler views and a number of options specific to navigating the additional trace data. For more information on program trace, see The replay view.


  • Collecting instruction trace replay does not have a significant impact on the host data collection speed if the sampling rate is set to cycle accurate. Program trace slows down host data collection when using faster sampling rates. If you are getting trace buffer overflow errors, try disabling this option.

  • When program trace is turned off the size of the analysis file is not significantly affected by the length of execution. This is not the case when program trace is enabled because, in addition to recording which instructions are executed, the ARM Profiler logs the order in which the instructions were executed and the time each instruction took to complete.

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