3.3.6. Setting up scripts

To set up script files to run before the execution of the image file, use the Browse button next to one of the script fields to search for an existing .etm script file or the Create button to write a new one. There are three script fields in Connection tab:

  1. Connection Setup to set up the target connection

  2. Before Transfer to execute the script file before the image is downloaded to the target

  3. After Transfer to execute the script file just before the target execution starts.

Create a new .etm file and add any combination of the following commands to it:

To illustrate how each of these commands can be used, an example script file that makes use of each of the three possible commands is shown in Example 3.1:

Example 3.1. A sample script

Register.Set mcr_p15_0_r1_c1_c0_0 0x5007A
Data.LOAD.Binary C:\SymbianROMs\PB1176ARMV6.IMG 0x0
Data.Set 0x00000004  %Long 0x0000ffff 
Data.Set 0x00000008  %Long 0x00003000 
WAIT 12.ms
Register.Set r1 0x12

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