13.1. Installing and patching the Linux kernel extension

To build an ARM Profiler-enabled kernel:

  1. Download and unpack version 2.6.28-1 of the Linux kernel. Right now, this is the only version of Linux that the ARM Profiler supports.

  2. If you are using ARM Embedded Linux, you can get this patch file from http://www.arm.com/products/os/linux_download.html. If you are using ARM Linux from an alternate vendor, please contact your vendor.

    • patch-2.6.28-arm1.gz


      The patch-2.6.28-arm1.gz patch is only required if you are intending to profile Linux applications running on ARM boards. In any other case, only the patch listed below is necessary.

    • patch-2.6.28-armpro1


      This patch can be found in ARM Installation Folder/Profiler/Contents/2.1/build number/target_os_support/linux/

  3. Unzip and install the ARM patch by entering the following command from within the top level of the kernel source tree.

    gz -cd < ../patch-2.6.28-arm1.gz | patch -p1 -

    In the above command, the kernel patch is located one level above the directory where the command is executed. The ../patch-2.6.28-arm1.gz path should be replaced with the path to your patch.

  4. Apply the ARM1 patch by invoking the following command from the Linux install directory:

    patch -p1 < patch-2.6.28-arm3
  5. Apply the ARM Profiler patch:

    patch -p1 < patch-2.6.28-armpro1
  6. Build the Linux kernel according to your normal process.


    There are many ways to boot the Linux kernel and mount the root file system that is required by the kernel. One method is to load your system using .cmm scripts defined in the ARM Profiler launch configuration dialog. For more information on using script files, see Setting up scripts.

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