12.1. Building the ARM Profiler Symbian OS kernel extension

To build the Symbian OS kernel with profiling enabled:

  1. Install the Symbian build system on your host machine.

  2. Build the Symbian OS according to your normal build process. For more information on building the Symbian OS, see the Symbian Developer Library at:

  3. Create a directory called armproske in \src\CEDAR\GENERIC\base\e32\drivers\.

  4. Copy all files located in ARM install directory\Profiler\Contents\version number\build number\target_os_support\symbian directory to the armposke directory you created in step 2.

  5. In the \src\CEDAR\GENERIC\base\e32\drivers\armproske directory, build the required build files by invoking the following command:

    bldmake bldfiles ARMV6
  6. Build the kernel extension with the following command:

    abld.bat -v build ARMV6
  7. In the \bin\TechView\epoc32\rom\PLATFORM\kernel.iby directory, open kernel.iby with any text editor. For example:

    edit kernel.iby
  8. Add the following two lines before the first kernel extension:

    // Profiler Kernel Extension
    extension[VARID]= / 
    \Epoc32\Release\##KMAIN##\##BUILD##\armproske.dll 						\Sys\Bin\armproske.dll


    Inserting the ARM Profiler extension before any other ensures that the ARM Profiler is aware of every extension loaded after it.

  9. To use TechView, you also need to edit the base_platform.iby file:

    edit base_platform.iby

    The platform variable in the filename represents the processor family of your hardware. Here are three filename examples:

    • base_ct1136.iby

    • base_cortex.iby

    • base_rvvp926.iby

  10. Insert the following line into the base_platform.iby file:

    extension[VARID]= /
    KERNEL_DIR\DEBUG_DIR\armproske.dll 						\sys\bin\armproske.dll
  11. Build the ROMs according to your normal process.

  12. Depending on how you build your Symbian OS image, you may need to use a .etm script file to load the image before the application. For more information on using script files, see Setting up scripts.

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