6.1. Table report basics

The data contained in the analysis summary is just the beginning. All of the reports listed in the analysis summary's navigation section provide a more thorough look at your code's interaction with the hardware. This chapter focuses on the four reports that are laid out in tables:

Each of these report types are broken up by the unit type indicated in the report's title. Though statistical fields presented in the columns differ from report to report, there is a shared functionality in these report types. The toolbar, for example, contains a set of icons that, for the most part, are common to all report types and you can right-click on a row in any table report to open a contextual menu that enables you to navigate to the other report types. Exporting data from any of the table report types into a .txt, .tab, or .csv format is the same basic process for all table reports.

Before delving into the differences between the table reports, this chapter explores their commonalities.

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